Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sony Xperia T Camera (video and photo samples)

 The Sony Xperia T is the latest addition to the impressive line of Xperia devices. The Android device, which comes with a 13-megapixel, Exmor R technology sensor camera, is a smartphone that is eons ahead of the rest. The rear shooter of the handset’s camera possesses an f/2.4 aperture that integrates Sony's BSI sensor. Bellow is the first in the series of the sample photographs taken with a Sony Xperia T:

xperia t camera sample
Crystal clear quality!

 The quality of the video and photo output of the Sony Xperia T is above par in more ways than one. This device patterns itself upon its digital imaging legacy by producing stills of the highest quality, especially when put in macro mode. In the Xperia T camera’s "auto" mode, which has a tap-to-focus feature, allows you to transition rather seamlessly from landscapes to close-ups making it easy to take quality photographs without having to be a professional.

xperia t camera samples

 The Xperia’s camera boasts outstanding dynamic range despite the fact that it doesn’t have a HDR mode. If the need arises, the camera can launch into backlight-corrected High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode automatically. In addition to its many amazing features, the camera’s 13MP sensor is considerably less noisy as compared to other Xperia models, for instance the Sony Xperia S’s 12MP sensor. However, there is still some noise in shots taken in low-light, particularly in close-up view.

 For low-light shots, the camera has a night shot mode that enables you to improve the clarity or luster of shots taken in low light, such as those taken at night. The downside of this mode is that it is highly sensitive to the smallest movement.

xperia t low lights
Low light settings

 To add on to its already impressive camera features, the Sony Xperia T’s video mode is high-functioning and very sophisticated. It generates silky-smooth video recording at 1080p resolution with 30 fps as well as advanced dynamic range as compared to other Android devices like the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3. One of its disadvantages is that it has an inclination to colors that are under-saturated.

 In video mode, the Sony Xperia T has far surpassed its predecessors with regard to its focus capabilities. It can maintain focus on even the smallest objects in motion when in this mode. The video camera also has a night mode that increases visibility in dark areas though one has to endure some noise. All in all, the Sony Xperia T’s camera is an amazing feature that makes the phone a must have for all Android smartphone users.

Video sample:

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