Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sony Xperia T – What does this cell phone have to offer?

 Attention tech & android fans: there is a new cell phone that Sony has unveiled at IFA – Sony Xperia T! This new cell phone, with great specifications and features, is already definitely catching a lot of attention worldwide. Here come some of the greatest features that this cell phone has to offer.

Xperia T Camera

 Xperia T has a Sony quality camera, which lets you record or take a picture of every important moment that happens in your life – holidays, birthdays, video of your baby taking its first steps and many other ones.
sony xperia t
Amazing new design

 This great camera offers you an absolute HD experience – catch every detail of those moments. It has a 13 MP  camera and full 1080p video recording.  It is the latest model in connectivity, and it has a slim arc design. Another good thing is that camera goes from sleep to snap in mere second.


 Xperia comes with “Album” app, which allows you to easily browse, sort and share your photos or videos, to re-play videos etc… Its zoom options are also great, and its 4.6’’ touch screen and Mobile BRAVIA® Engine make the experience even better.

 Another great app is the “Movies” app. This app downloads information on all films you downloaded. You can also use it to watch the movies in 1080p HD quality, guaranteeing the greatest movie experience.

 You can play your recorded videos to your friends on HDTV, either without cords using Screen Mirroring (an Adapter for TV will be necessary though) or via a HDMI cable.

 Sharing photos, videos and everything else with this phone is extremely easy. Hold the phone next to your friends’ and sharing begins. Emails, messages and everything else will, perhaps quite soon, be absolutely unnecessary.
Xperia T also has “Walkman” app. Make playlists, choose one of the already created playlists, check which music others are listening to, choose a song from millions of songs in Music Unlimited and listen to it.

Games and Storage

 Do you like playing games? Arcades, quizzes, sport games? Whatever you like, whatever you want to play, you can download it from PlayStation Store or from Google Play, sit and enjoy playing. Xperia T offers you great performance. The latest 1.5 GHz dual core processor gives you great performance, while battery does not get drained extremely fast.

 Sony also offers you 50 GB of free storage for life with Box ® app. Just set up an account and start storing everything from your computer, tablet and cell phon

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