Monday, 17 September 2012

Sony Xperia T release date - by the end of September?

 While the Sony Xperia T has been presented some time ago, the release date is still a troublesome issue and not too many people are sure when we will be seeing the Sony Xperia T release date popup on the official web pages. Still, enthusiasts and journalists are actively looking into researching all the details about the Sony Xperia T and it seems that there are some good news to report. Those of you who have been anxiously sitting at your computer hopping for the Xperia T release date might see the the device on shelves a lot sooner than some people originally thought. You can be sure that we will do a full Sony Xperia T Review once the device hits the stores!

sony xperia t

 You see, the latest news on the wire are that we can expect the Xperia T by September the 29th. This statement is attributed to a spokesperson from Expansys, however this is nothing official. For those who are interested in the Xperia J model you should know that the model is expected to be ready by mid-October which isn't such a long wait from now. Enough time to save up on a bit of money and get ready for an upgrade!

 Recently Sony's PR stated: “We are still on track to deliver the Sony Xperia T before the end of the month.” 

 While this does sound great, many people are being skeptical as if this is just a sign that something is wrong with the production line and Sony noticed that we are onto them! Some news sources are saying that the Sony Xperia T will not hit the stores before January and that there are many problems with the tariff systems and contracts between Sony and the carriers. Those who preorder the phone and buy it first will also be the last ones to get it thanks to the system by which things work nowadays. Sad, isn't it?

 The carriers are still unknown but it believed that we will see O3, Orange and Three to be the first ones to get the brand new Xperia T in their offers. Local retailers who will be getting the VIP release of the Xperia T are Phones4U and Carphone and these are the places you can look to go to if you want the Xperia T off contract.

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